Pacific Hills Treatment Privacy Policy

epending on your situation, you may want to keep your time at our drug rehab center private. There are many different and completely valid reasons that you might want your tenure with us to be kept discreet, and we respect this desire. In order to preserve this security, Pacific Hills Treatment has instituted a privacy policy.

First, our privacy policy extends to our clients. We want every one of our clients to feel relaxed while they’re staying with us at our substance abuse treatment facility. This is because we recognize that addiction recovery works best when clients are in an environment that allows them to feel comfortable. As such, we require that, during your tenure at Pacific Hills Treatment and afterwards, you do not share any personal or identifying information about your fellow clients. It may be tempting to tell an anecdote about one of your friends in the facility afterwards, but we require that all sensitive information remains private, even if it is a detail you do not believe would be significant. In order to ensure that no mistakes are made, we require all clients to remain quiet about their peers.

In addition, our staff is committed to keeping all of your information private, including your very presence in our addiction recovery facility. Because some clients have special privacy needs, such as ensuring that certain third parties do not discover their location, our staff is committed to keeping your private information entirely secure. None of your information will ever be shared without your express permission.